We Are Not Them

We are Americans who want our government and our country back to what our Founding Fathers intended--a Constitutional Republic that represents We the People.

The ruling elite refuse to represent their constituents:

We Are Not Them!

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Join the 2018 Election Campaign: WE ARE NOT THEM

The PLAN for the Syndicated Campaign for the 2018 elections for the United States House of Representatives.


We are a group of ordinary Americans who simply want OUR country and OUR government back to the way our Founding Fathers intended. 

For far too many years, we have had a government spiraling out of control, putting our nation at risk internally. Many people in and around our government have worked tenaciously to destroy our representative form of government as a Constitutional Republic. Unfortunately, they have been so successful that we find ourselves with a young generation who have totally lost the American spirit and the American identity.

At this point, we who believe in the Constitution, and the standards set by our Founding Fathers, have no choice but to develop and complete a mission to save our country! The following is the plan and our set of goals to achieve making American great again by re-establishing a class of ordinary people (not elites) in Congress who have one goal: to get our America back! Help us save our country before it's too late.


Contract with America

The wording of the Contract with America is below. To request an official contract that you can have your candidate sign, email www.WeAreNotThem@yahoo.com. The contract includes the candidate's signature, date and the signatures of two witnesses.

Print two copies of the document on cardstock and have both signed. The candidate keeps one copy as a reminder. You keep one copy and be prepared to lead a recall if the candidate fails to keep his or her promises.

It is time for our elected representatives actually to work for US again and for us to see that they do!


Our Contract with America states:

I swear and attest that, when elected, if in ANY way I fail to vote on any issue as I promised in my campaign, I will resign. If I do not resign, I understand that there will be an immediate recall and an election to replace me.

 I agree, upon signing this agreement, that, if elected, I will serve no more than two terms.

 Additionally, I will present a bill to support term limits for all in Congress, limiting service to the country to no more than two terms.

 By signing this Contract with America, I swear and attest my loyalty to the American people and our Constitution first and foremost above all other government commitments or contracts.

Followed by the date, signature and witnesses.

To order an official copy of the contract, email WeAreNotThem@yahoo.com. 


Run for office yourself, encourage another to run, or find a candidate already running (who is not a lawyer or politician).

Invite candidates to join our Syndicated Campaign, using the strategy that propelled President Trump into winning the election. We will discuss with them how we can help them win.

Ask all candidates to sign our Contract with America. 

Donate to this campaign. Share this website.

For more information, email WeAreNotThem@yahoo.com.

Support our Business Associates

In the slides below, you will find businesses willing to donate 50-100% of their profits to this campaign. By supporting these businesses, you support our efforts to promote candidates who say

We Are Not Them.

Honest to Goodness Toffee

Surprise someone you love with mouth-watering, honest to goodness, gourmet toffee, hand-crafted with love and all-natural, simple ingredients. Select ORIGINAL Milk Chocolate Almond or New Dark Chocolate Pecan Sea Salt. All profits will be donated to the campaign if you tell Jeannie you saw this ad. For pricing, visit www.HonestToGoodnessToffee.com.

Portraits of Children or Pets by Teresa

This artist will create a portrait of your child, grandchild, or pet, done in colored pencils. Size = 11" x 14" $45 plus shipping and handling. Send your photograph and address by text to 318-359-1567. You will make payment arrangements with the artist and she will donate the proceeds to the cause.

Harvest Tables

Custom, hand-built tables built to order from Southern Yellow Pine. Contact Tim 256-453-5441

Diane Falcone: Release

Diane Falcone is a criticially acclaimed melodic pop/rock artist/songwriter from Nashville. She believes in taking our country back and is donating 100% profits from the sales of her CDs to the "We Are Not Them" movement. Diane Falcone's songs feature emotionally direct lyrics delivered in a voice that is both vulnerable and ethereal, with a longing that makes you want to keep listening. To order: www.dianefalcone.com

Obedience and Behavioral Training for Your Dog

Scott is an experienced dog trainer with commands so that only you can control the dog's behavior. Scott can also help you find and buy a dog and then train it for you. He also will e-collar train (stimulation training which does not hurt the dog). Email: scottsalter@consultant.com
You can promote your business here if you are willing to donate at least 50% of your profits to this campaign.